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The Programme accepts 2 researchers each year. Selected candidates receive stipend support for 12 months, to attend IGC training in Life Sciences and full support in applying for extramural funding to develop a project with a chosen laboratory.




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Applicants Profile

We seek highly motivated researchers, from Exact Sciences & Engineering with little knowledge on/great curiosity for fundamental biological questions. Selected Postdoctoral researchers are offered advanced courses, starting in September 2020, covering both basic concepts and cutting-edge research in modern biology. Module topics range from structural and molecular biology to evolution and ecology and are taught by IGC faculty and invited lecturers from top universities and research institutes all over the world. At the end of the proposed classes, postdoctoral researchers will develop a research proposal with the support of their chosen IGC principal investigators in order to apply for extramural fellowships.



Candidates of any nationality may apply. We do require a PhD degree from candidates and the date of the PhD award must be later than 01/09/2017. Candidates with earlier degrees will not be accepted.


Application Process

Call is open between 29 Jan to 27 Apr 2020 (23:59).

Applications must be submitted in English exclusively through the online platform (available only during call)

Applicants need to provide the following elements:

  1. List of all degrees, with name, institution, classification and date of award;
  2. Motivation letter;
  3. CV
  4. Names and contacts of at least two references including their academic affiliation and/or professional connection with the candidate. The programme will contact the references directly.



A panel of no less than four IGC Principal Investigators (PIs) evaluate all applications using the elements provided by the applicant. In a first round of selection, candidates will be ranked and accordingly invited or not for an interview. References are contacted for candidates selected for Interview. Deadline for references 12 Jun 2020.

The second round of selection, will consist of interviews that will be held in English by a panel of IGC PIs. Foreign candidates or nationals residing abroad, may be interviewed by telephone or Skype.



Evaluation results are sent by e-mail.