IBB students

IGC PhD Students are very active and creative and are at the heart of the IGC Community. They are represented by their Delegate Committee.


IBB2019 Students


Project: Identification of cell-cell signaling regulated traits in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, the most prevalent member of the human gut microbiota.

Supervised by Karina Xavier

Thesis Committee: Paula Duque and Élio Sucena

Project: A computational framework for the evolution of metabolic networks in the gut environment.

Supervised by Tiago Paixão and Isabel Gordo

Thesis Committee: Karina Xavier and Lounès Chikhi

Project: Mechanical control of chromatin dynamics during collective cell migration.

Supervised by Elias Barriga

Thesis Committee: Ivo Telley and Caren Norden

Project: Contribution of resistance and disease tolerance mechanisms in the response against infection.

Supervised by Luís Moita

Thesis Committee: Luís Teixeira and Maria João Amorim

Project: Investigating the influence of pseudostratification for neuroepithelial development.

Supervised by Caren Norden

Thesis Committee: Moisés Mallo and Elias Barriga

Project: Investigating the influence of nuclear and tissue properties in pseudostratified neuroepithelia maturation.

Supervised by Caren Norden

Thesis Committee: Raquel Oliveira and Elias Barriga

Project: Insights into the mechanistic bases of disease tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster.

Supervised by Élio Sucena

Thesis Committee: Luís Moita and Isabel Gordo

Project: Investigating a role in translation for plant SR proteins involved in stress responses.

Supervised by Paula Duque

Thesis Committee: Raquel Oliveira and Jörg Becker