More than 80 researchers from national and international institutes integrate the IGC Doctoral Programme Training Faculty.

In 2019/20 courses were given by faculty from seven renown Portuguese Life Science Institutes and other renown foreign institutes from 10 different countries that include Imperial College, London, Oxford University, Crick Institute, Berkeley University, the French CNRS, Max Planck in Germany and University of Zurich.


Faculty 2019/2020


Adriana Sánchez Danés, Champalimaud Research, Portugal

Alejandro Couce, Imperial College London, UK

Alekos Athanasidis, IGC, Portugal

Alex Wong, Carleton University, Canada

Alfonso Renart, Champalimaud Research, Portugal

Ana Brandão, CEDOC, Portugal

Ana Rita Nunes, IGC, Portugal

Andreas Weber, University of Koln, Germany

António Coutinho, IGC, Portugal

Buzz Baum, LMCB/CRICK, London, UK

Caren Norden, IGC, Portugal

Carla Henriques, IGC, Portugal

Carlos Penha Gonçalves, IGC, Portugal

Christian Braendle, Nice University, France

Claudia Bank, IGC, Portugal

Claudio Sunkel, I3S, Portugal

Colin Adrain, IGC, Portugal

Daniela Güleresi, IGC, Portugal

Dora Tang, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany

Duarte Barral, CEDOC, Portugal

Elena Baena González, IGC, Portugal

Elias Barriga, IGC, Portugal

Élio Sucena, IGC, Portugal

Fred Mery, CNRS, France

Gaston Gilgur, IGC, Portugal

Gil Levkowitz, Weizmann Institute, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Guillaume Charras, UCL, London, UK

Isabel Gordo, IGC, Portugal

Inês Mahú, IGC, Portugal

Ivo M Chelo, cE3c, Portugal

Ivo Telley, IGC, Portugal

Jérôme Chave, CNRS, France

Joana Marcos, IGC, Portugal

Joaquín Hortal, CSIC, Spain

Jocelyne Demengeot, IGC, Portugal

Johana Misas-Villamil, University of Koln, Germany

Johannes Jaeger Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Austria

Jonathan Howard, IGC, Portugal

Jorge Carneiro, IGC, Portugal

José Bessa, i3S, Portugal

Karina Xavier, IGC, Portugal

Kinneret Keren, Technion, Haifa, Israel

Koryu Kin, University of Dundee, UK

Lars Jansen, University of Oxford, UK

Leonor Saude, IMM, Portugal

Lila Fishman, University of Montana, USA

Lounès Chikhi CNRS and IGC, Portugal

Luis Nunes Amaral, North-Western University, USA

Luís Graça, IMM, Portugal

Luís Moita, IGC, Portugal

Luis Rocha, IGC, Portugal

Luís Teixeira, IGC, Portugal

Luísa Vasconcelos, Champalimaud Research, Portugal

Magda Teles, IGC, Portugal

Marc Veldhoen, IMM, Portugal

Maria João Amorim, IGC, Portugal

Marta Moita, Champalimaud Research, Portugal

Miguel Godinho-Ferreira, Université de Nice, France

Miguel Soares, IGC, Portugal

Miguel Torres, CNIC, Madrid

Moises Mallo, IGC, Portugal

Mónica Bettencourt Dias, IGC, Portugal

Nelson Martins, CNRS, France

Nídia de Sousa, CEDOC, Portugal

Olivier Tenaillon, INSERM, France

Patrícia Beldade, IGC, Portugal

Paulo Navarro Costa, IGC, Portugal

Raquel Oliveira, IGC, Portugal

Robin Klemm, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Rui Oliveira, IGC/ISPA, Portugal

Scott Miller, CMMB, University of Montana, USA

Silvia Santos, CRICK Institute, London, UK; Quantitative Cell Biology Laboratory UK

Susana Varela, IGC, Portugal

Thiago Carvalho, Champalimaud Research, Portugal

Thibaut Brunet, Berkeley University, USA

Tiago C. Luis, Imperial College London, UK

Tiago Paixão, IGC, Portugal

Ute Hoeker, University of Koln, Germany

Vasco Barreto, CEDOC, Portugal

Vera Martins, IGC, Portugal

Yannis Michalakis, CNRS, Montpellier, France