24 July 2019

Hands on learning: Undergraduate students @ IGC summer school

IGC Tower
IGC Tower

Every year IGC opens the Laboratories for students and young professionals to come and have a month of intense work and study with researchers and develop a scientific project.

The Undergraduate Summer School 2019 edition will convey 14 students from 4 different countries (Portugal, Britain, Syria and Armenia). Students will have a one-week full scheduled classes, with different research areas within the life sciences, and one month to develop their Research Project. This year, classes also include field sampling with the collaboration of Cascais Municipality. The activities are monitored and guided by IGC Principal Investigators and Heads of Core Facilities where students are integrated in the Labs to experience the daily activities.

The IGC Undergraduate Summer School Programme is open to every university student from Portugal and around the world and is developed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in each student. The aim of the Programme, organized to explore basic research and innovation, is to attract young leaders for future research.

Next call will open in November!
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