Microfabrication service (BEµFAB) aims to provide services of design and fabrication of new tools for applications in life sciences, so researchers can answer complex biological questions and accelerate their scientific findings. Creative and tailor-made solutions can be used for investigation of a wide range in vitro studies with biomolecules, cells and organoids up to small in vivo models.
Creativity, Making and Innovation – adding value to science – is our work field towards improved skills, ideas and techniques.

Location: Library Building
Contacts: @: [email protected]



FFF 3D Printer CURA Ultimater 2 with Olsson Block
FFF 3D Printer FLASHFORGE Creator Pro 2
MSLA 3D printer PRUSA SL1 with Curing and Washing Machine CW1
Cutting Plotter GCC RX II Series
Laser Cutter FABRILASER DW-6040 (600x400mm, 60W)
CNC Milling Machine SHERLINE 18″ NexGen Milling Machine 5810
Oscilloscope TEKTRONIX TDS 2022C, 200 MHz, 2-Ch, 2 GS/s Digital Storage
Soldering Stations (with fume absorber Duratool D00682) WELLER WT 1010H - TENMA Intelligent SMD Rework Station - 21-10130
Laminar Flow Hood MICROFLOW, M51423/2, Biological Safety Cabinet, Type Class 2
Spin-coater POLOS SPIN150i
Stereoscope ZEISS Stemi SV 11
Inverted Widefield Fluorescence Microscope NIKON Eclipse Ti body with motorized stage and HAMAMATSU Orca-Flash4.0LT C11440 Digital CMOS camera
UV-Ozone Photoreactor Novascan - PSDP-UV
Mini-centrifuge LBX MC5000
Design and Simulation Workstation


Joint brainstorming sessions to discuss the scientific question, required features and how to better deal with possible constraints. The goal is to find the best feasible solution.

Full fabrication process - "from design to product" of requests through IGC’s Agendo with a short description and schematics.

An ISO8 30m2 space for microfabrication and assembly of microfluidic devices, (bio)chemical micropatterning and liquid handling automation.

Combinatorial use of technical CAD, computational fluid dynamics, 3D printing, xurography, CO2 laser cutting, CNC micromachining, programming of open-source microcontrollers, simple electronics and generic workshop techniques for the fabrication of requested products and services.

Fabrication of microfluidics devices through photolithography , 3D printing, CNC micromachining and xurography.

UV-ozone and oxygen plasma activation for (bio)chemical micropatterning in different substrates (glass, gold, polymers, …).






Updated on 15 january 2024

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