Virus evolution

There are currently three variants circulating in the world that need epidemiological surveillance (we need to know where they are located and how often they emerge) and its genomics (what mutations they have and what type of changes they can cause).


This photograph (from February 2, 2021) shows the mutations that each of the virus variants presents (sample of 190 viruses in circulation in the Lisbon area).


  • blue dots: virus mutations that do not raise concern
  • yellow dots: mutations seen in variant V1 first discovered in the UK
  • orange dots: mutations seen in the V2 variant initially discovered in South Africa


Conclusions from the study

Number of sequenced viruses: 190

Samples:  from December 2020 cases 

Results: In Lisbon, were detected virus with the variant V1, discovered for the first time in the UK in 9% of the sequenced virus. And 0.5% of the variant  V2, first discovered in South Africa. 


We only can take advantage on this virus poker game, and stop mutations, if we stop transmission. 




Updated on 20 april 2021

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