SPAOM 2021

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SPAOM is a joint effort from the  Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada (REMOA) and Portuguese Platform of Biomedical Imaging (PPBI). The main purpose of SPAOM is to organise an annual congress covering new applications in optical microscopy and image analysis.

Appart from the scientific programme, SPAOM meetings have a strong focus on workshops. Those can be from the vendors or scientists and aim to foster knowledge sharing within the community, covering current trends and new application about optical imaging.

Exciting lineup of speakers for the 2021 edition of SPAOM:
– Caren Norden (Group Leader of the Cell Biology of Tissue Morphogenesis Lab at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência)
– Edgar Gomes (Group Leader at iMM – Institute of Molecular Medicine – Lisbon)
– Guillaume Jacquemet (PI OF f the Cell Migration Lab at Åbo Akademi University – Turku)
– Katrin Willig (Group Leader at Max Planck Institut of Experimental Medicine, Göttingen)
– Paul French (Vice Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London)
– Sinem Kirli (Group Leader – Saka Group at EMBL Heidelberg)
– Vera Kozjak Pavlovic (Chair of Microbiology Biocenter at University of Würzburg)


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