• Centros Locais de Educação Comunitária

    By promoting human rights, specifically those of the elderly, the CENTROS LOCAIS DE EDUCAÇÃO COMUNITÁRIA project aims to strengthen social cohesion by fostering active citizenship and ageing through the integration and involvement of the elderly population in the community.

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  • CERCI Braga – Capacitar para o Impacto

    To improve the capacity of the organisation in the areas of strategic planning, social impact assessment, communication and fundraising through training and consultancy.

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  • CERCIESTREMOZ, Diagnosticar e definir Plano de Ação para a Sustentabilidade

    The project aims to develop an organizational needs assessment through participatory methods, with the support and perspective from an external entity.

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  • Cidades desenhadas por quem as vive

    The project “Cidades desenhadas por quem as vive” (Cities designed by those who live them) aims to develop the organizational skills of Rés do Chão's internal team.

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  • Ciência Cidadã – envolver voluntários na monitorização das populações de aves

    This project aims to promote and increase the participation of citizens in initiatives related to biodiversity monitoring, particularly through their voluntary involvement in monitoring programmes on the status of birds in Portugal.

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  • Circo Elétrico

    Empowerment of young NEETs living in Porto, using circus arts as a tool for personal and social development.

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  • Círculo de Jovens

    “Youth Circle” is a non-formal education project based on Children’s Parliament that aims to promote active citizenship and knowledge and understanding of the rights of children and youth living in social neighborhoods, giving them a voice.

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  • CIT otimiza

    "The "CIT otimiza" project aims to strengthen the sustainability and capacity building of Caritas da Ilha Terceira, through the creation of a strategic plan to improve leadership and teamwork and promote a more robust communication strategy and management of operations and projects, using information and communication technologies.

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  • Citizenship Education Project

    The Citizenship Education Project is an initiative of the Active Citizens Fund in Portugal. The implementation of this project was attributed to a consortium, through an open call to all Portuguese Non-Governmental Organizations.

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  • CiviAct

    The project CiviAct aims to mitigate the withdrawal of young people from school and civic life, particularly the most vulnerable ones, through the implementation of the experimental methodology 'Theatre of the Oppressed'

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    With the goal of strengthening democratic literacy and citizen participation in politics, this project is focused on the creation of a board game about the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

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  • Contra o Cancro Vale Tudo – Capacitar e empoderar a LPCC-NRN e as suas delegações

    The project was designed to improve and boost communication between The Portuguese Cancer League – Northern Regional Branch (LPCC-NRN: Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro – Núcleo Regional do Norte) and its public, to increase public knowledge about the institution and effectively disseminate the existence of free support services for cancer patients.

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  • COOL4Excellence (Coolabora para a Excelência)

    This project aims to implement a model of organisational excellence which enhances the sustainability, efficiency and economic-financial performance.

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  • Coolaboratório

    This project aims to contribute to the recognition of the importance of human rights in the consolidation of a more just society, both through the awareness and empowerment of young people to enhance their civic engagement and through the training of strategic audiences.

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