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Increased support for human rights

This Call of the Active Citizens Fund supports Portuguese NGO projects, which work towards supporting and defending human rights.


For all Portuguese NGOs conforming to the eligibility conditions of the Programme, stated in Articles 9 and 10 of the Programme Rules.

To apply, you should carefully read Call Notice #13 – Large Projects “Increased Support for Human Rights”, the Programme Rules, Application Manual, and the instructions for filling out the application form, available in the “documents” area of this page.

It is also advisable to view the tutorial videos, available on the Programme's website.

Diogo Figueiredo
Email: [email protected]


This Call supports new projects that promote and defend human rights in Portugal.


Applicable Activities

  • Human rights education and training, in particular for young people;
  • Awareness raising campaigns and actions that prevent or fight human rights violations such as discrimination on any ground, racism, hate speech and all forms of violence;

  • Activities valuing human diversity and promoting tolerance and the acceptance of that which is different;

  • Activities preventing and denouncing human rights violations against migrants and refugees and the Roma people;

  • Activities promoting equality and respect of LGBTI people rights;

  • Promotion of gender equality, including in parenthood and employment;

  • Advocacy work on human rights;

  • Research and analysis activities supporting political action in favour of human rights;

  • Cooperation and participation in decision-making processes concerning public policies on human rights;

  • Collection and reporting of information regarding human rights violations;

  • Support to civil litigation processes in favour of human rights (counselling, legal assistance, etc.);

  • The creation of platforms and the use of digital matchmaking tools to facilitate and develop actions that promote intercultural dialogue and human rights;

  • Identifying and adopting good practices in specific areas of human rights in the context of a developing digital society.


Project Dimension and Duration

  • Large projects under this Call must have a total supportable cost greater than 20,000 euros and equal to or less than 75,000 euros, with eligible costs being co-financed by the Programme at a maximum rate of 90%;
  • The maximum duration of selected projects under this Call is 20 months, with an expected start date in March 2022.


Eligibility Conditions

  • Each eligible entity can only submit a maximum of one application per year, either as a promoter or partner, as stated in paragraph 4 of Article 19 of the Programme Rules;

  • Depending on the dimension of the projects, it may be mandatory to form a partnership. Please carefully read the respective Call Notice;

  • It is mandatory to fully read the Programme Rules and Call Notice, available in the “documents” area of ​​this page.


How to Apply

  • Carefully Call Notice #13 – Large Projects “Increased Support for Human Rights”, the Programme Rules, and the Application Manual;

  • To apply you must register for a MyGulbenkian account;

  • Register using the “login” button;

  • Fill in the application form;

  • Applications are only accepted online and in Portuguese;

  • Application forms can only be submitted after completion of mandatory fields and uploading of required documentation, as described in the Programme Rules;

  • At the end of the process, click on the “submit application” button;

  • To prevent technical difficulties, avoid submitting your application in the last days of the deadline.