Mily Possoz. Gravura

On 9 January 2005, an exhibition opened at the CAM dedicated to the prints made by Mily Possoz (1888-1968) belonging to the Collection. While the CAM is closed, we invite you to revisit, every month, an exhibition from the past.
View of the exhibition 'Mily Possoz. Gravura'. CAM, 2005. Photo: Paulo Costa

Curated by Emília Ferreira, the exhibition Mily Possoz. Gravura [Mily Possoz. Prints] took place on Floor 01 of the CAM between 9 January and 12 June 2005. Although the modernist artist is represented in the CAM Collection with a significant group of paintings and drawings, this exhibition focused on her printmaking, showing a total of 26 works.


Mily Possoz, 'Fillette aux Manderines', undated. Inv. GP828
Mily Possoz, 'Étude de Garçonnet', undated. Inv. GP830


Organised in small thematic sections, the exhibition began with the works Le Chat sur la Chaise, Gatinha and Gatinha com Filho, followed by a group of scenes focussing on a privileged class and the central role of the woman within it – prints such as Rêverie, La Toilette and Fillette aux Manderines formed part of this group.


Mily Possoz,'Paysage de Beaulieu', undated. Inv. GP836


The exhibition continued with another section devoted to representations of children, including works such as Fillette Cousant, Étude de Garçonnet and Enfant à la Sandale. The exhibition concluded with a section devoted to landscape, with the prints Sintra – Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra and Paysage de Beaulieu.



This exhibition sought to offer a fresh perspective on the artist’s work, the graphic quality of which was undervalued during her lifetime. Part of the CAM’s rotating exhibition cycle, it was as usual accompanied by exhibition notes, with a text by the curator posing various questions relating to the works displayed.

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