Multimedia room

The Multimedia room has 6 computers that can be used by all readers to have access to electronically resources.

Neighboring are Research rooms and Rare Books Reading room.

Access to the Multimedia room resources is restricted by questions of space and number of computers available.


Electronic resources and services available

Computers have free on-line access to the following resources:

  • The Art Library catalogue
  • Digitized works from the Art Library collections
  • Internet, including a selection of resources on the history of art and the visual arts.


Print service

Readers may use a print service (b&w and colour A4) by purchasing card. Some documents may not be reproduced directly for copyright reasons. For more information see Reprographics and Fees.

Equipment and materials supplied must be used in a proper manner and any error or failure must be communicated to member staff.

Each computer can only be used by one person at a time.

Listening to sound recordings requires the use of headphones.

Internet research should be made preferably in subjects covered by the Art Library: history of art and visual arts. For other uses the Art Library reserves the right to end the session.