Treatment and access of the Alberto Carneiro photo archive

The Alberto Carneiro photo archive is now accessible after conservation and pre-processing work has been carried out.
21 dec 2022

This group of documents is one of the components of the artist’s archive donated to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2018. It includes more than 22,000 images that capture his creative process, illustrate his participation in individual and collective exhibitions and record his many travels. It also includes a significant collection of illustrated postcards.

The conservation actions included the cleaning of the items and their suitable packaging. In terms of cataloguing, a pre-processing of all the documentation was carried out, in which all the documents in the Archive were described in a synthetic form.


Slides and negatives from the work “Trajeto de um corpo”, 1976-1977 in original packaging
Mechanical cleaning of slides
Slides and negatives from the work “Trajeto de um corpo”, 1976-1977 after treatment


This iconographical group of documents can now be found in the Art Library catalogue.

Alongside this photo archive, the collection donated to the Foundation includes a significant set of textual documentation: correspondence with artists, critics, curators, and students, press cuttings, mail art and documents related with his teaching activity and of his participation in exhibitions, including multiple public art projects.  This non-photographic documentation will be processed during 2023.

The artist Alberto Carneiro (1937-2017) is represented in the collection of the Centro de Arte Moderna of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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