Access conditions to the Library

The Art Library has reopened. In order to preserve the safety and protection of employees and readers against COVID-19, the Art Library established a set of guidelines and conditions for access and use of spaces and services in accordance with the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

For your and our protection, the Art Library thanks you for the cooperation.



  1. During this phase, only readers who hold already an updated reader card will be admitted, for a total of 20 per day.
  2. Admission requires a daily appointment made at least 24 hours in advance through the Advance Requisition Service (see paragraphs 4 and 5).
  3. The appointment will be previously confirmed and communicated by email by the Library taking into account the availability of both the titles requested and the seats for consultation.


Research and requesting

  1. The search and the requesting should be done remotely through the library’s catalog on the Art Library website with a minimum of 24 hours in advance (working days). The Advance Request Service form can be accessed here. Please fill a form for each item.
  2. The maximum number of items that can be requested and consulted per day is 10 titles.


Opening hours

  1. During this phase the opening hours are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 17:30. The Art Library is temporarily closed on Tuesdays.



  1. The access to Art Library is only possible through the main entrance of the Gulbenkian Museum.
  2. Bags, backpacks, suitcases and other objects and personal belongings that are not essential for consultation will not be allowed in the reading rooms, and should be deposited in the cloakroom (Please note that the Art Library’s cloakroom has a very limited capacity; readers are advised not to be accompanied by large personal belongings; it may not be possible to store them and this may prevent the access to the reading rooms).
  3. The use of a protective mask is mandatory inside the building and while in reading services. The application and handling of the masks must respect the guidelines of the DGS.
  4. Readers should wash their hands with an alcohol-based antiseptic solution available for this purpose at the reading room entrance.



  1. Due to the social distancing recommendations, the capacity of the reading rooms do not exceed a maximum of 20 readers per day. Readers must sit at the place designated by the Art Library staff, and under no circumstances should they change places during the consultation.
  2. The use of public computers for searching the catalog is temporarily prohibited.
  3.  It is recommended to use disposable gloves when handling the items in consultation.
  4. After the consultation the requested items must remain in the place where they were consulted. All items will be subject to a mandatory quarantine period of 7 days.
  5. It is allowed to consult the reference collection available at the reading room. After use, the books must be deposited in the car designated for this purpose.
  6. The use of photocopying and scanning machines is temporarily suspended. However, the use of a mobile phone / camera is permitted to make copies.
  7. The toilet facilities of the Art Library are closed. Readers must use the Museum public toilets.


For any additional questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]