Armenian Language and Culture

Our first priority area is to promote the preservation of the Armenian language and culture, and the development of the diaspora by linking its different parts and by investing in education.

This priority area constitutes the largest segment of our programming as it brings together two elements that are at the heart of our mission: cultural preservation/production and education –  focusing on Western Armenian and scholarships.

Western Armenian

Western Armenian is an “Endangered Language” according to UNESCO, under the threat of disappearing if serious initiatives are not undertaken to reinforce it. The current generation is probably the last generation that can arrest or possibly reverse this process of not-so-gradual loss of a language that was a vibrant source of Armenian culture only half a century ago.

We aim to contribute to the training of teachers and young intellectuals who are capable of teaching Western Armenian and producing contemporary culture in the language. Importantly, we can be the catalyst to introduce innovative and modern approaches to language learning in the diasporan context.

Our support will be dedicated to strengthening the Western Armenian language through various means such:

  1. Armenian schools and other educational initiatives in the diaspora;
  2. Creation of a teacher education centre for Western Armenian;
  3. Academic centres and university-based initiatives that teach Western Armenian and culture, research the use of Western Armenian or contribute to Armenian studies; and
  4. Use of New Technologies innovative language teaching methods.


Providing university scholarships to Armenian students around the world has been our signature programme. We will continue with these scholarships but instead of giving hundreds of small grants that constitute small part of a student’s overall budget, we will give fewer scholarships but in greater amounts.

The scholarship programme is divided into categories:

To apply for a scholarship please see our How to Apply page.