Armenians in Turkey

To assist cultural and educational institutions in Istanbul and elsewhere that valorise the Armenian presence in Turkey, and to contribute to the improvement of Armenian-Turkish relations.


The Armenian Communities Department concentrates its efforts in Turkey on the Armenian community and culture. We fully appreciate the fact that Armenian-Turkish relations is a controversial issue in both societies due to the legacies of the Genocide, and we are cognisant of the risks. Our intention is not to engage in polemical debates but to encourage dialogue between progressive elements in both societies in their understanding of the past while charting a shared and just future. Moreover, working with the Armenian community in Turkey is an important element in the revitalisation of the Western Armenian language and identity.

Our programming in this domain includes the following initiatives:

  • Supporting Armenian community institutions, particularly schools and other educational initiatives.
  • Supporting publications in both Armenian and Turkish (including translations) that focus on Armenian culture and history.
  • Funding academic research and teaching on Armenian related issues.
  • Encouraging civil society organisations that work on Armenian culture and have a progressive inclusive vision.

These activities are undertaken in partnership with civil society organisations, Armenian community organisations, schools, publishers and academic institutions.

Updated on 11 july 2022

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