Zarmanazan A World Both Near and Far

By Sarin Akbas

The second edition of Zartsants (the online version of the Zarmanazan Western Armenian language programme) took place during the summer months of 2021. Once again, participants and facilitators came together online to experience the Armenian language in creative ways. One of the participants, Sarin Akbas, shared her experience in an article published by the newspaper Nor Haratch

Below the full text can be read in Armenian in the 6 November 2021 issue of Nor Hratch (nº 1662, page 6).

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Zartsants took place completely online and was organised by L’association Mille et un Mondes (France), with the support of and in close collaboration with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Updated on 21 december 2021