Project Grants Programme Open for Applications

Project Grants 2021

The Armenian Communities Department supports various cultural, educational, research and philanthropic projects that can have a positive impact on the Armenian world, be it in Armenia or in the Diaspora. 

Project grants are open to all applicants (both individuals and organisations), regardless of nationality or country of implementation, as long as they pertain to Armenian themes and issues. Projects submitted must, however, fall within the scope of the Department’s four priority areas:

  • To promote and contribute to the vitality of the Armenian language and culture in the Diaspora. We place particular emphasis on the Western Armenian language.
  • To provide academic support to Armenian and Armenian Studies university students and researchers and to promote, more generally, research on Armenian subjects.
  • To support civil society and intellectual creativity in Armenia in order to consolidate democratic culture.
  • To assist cultural and educational institutions in Turkey that valorise the Armenian presence in the country, and contribute to the improvement of Armenian-Turkish relations.

In early 2021 we instituted some changes to our project grants application system in order to better manage the high volume of submissions.

First, we have simplified considerably the actual application form, asking less questions and phrasing them in as jargon-free manner as possible.

Second, we have ended the two-tiered submission system, whereby we had asked for a concept note first and then the full application. The application process is now one single form with 10 key questions, all of which much be answered. The two-tiered system is no longer in operation.

Third, we will henceforth accept applications in four quarterly periods instead of on a “rolling” basis. We are confident that this will streamline the selection process and reduce “turn-around” periods.

Before completing the online form please carefully read the “Requirements, Criteria and Conditions” and “Guidelines”.

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