8 February 2019

Our scholarship programme

What’s New, what’s changing?

Our Scholarship Programme
Our Scholarship Programme

To provide academic support to Armenian university students and researchers and to promote Armenian studies research will remain at the heart of our activities during the next five years (2019-2023). However, we are making some changes to our scholarship categories.

We will be phasing out the Global Excellence Scholarship category and putting more emphasis on Armenian Studies.

Our new scholarship programme will be comprised of five categories:

  • Armenian Studies Scholarship                                                                                                                          For Master, PhD and Post Doc students and researchers in Armenian studies.
  • Undergraduate Studies Scholarship (in all subjects)                                                                                    For Armenian students residing in developing countries.
  • Short Term Grant for Armenian Studies
  • Short Term Travel and Research Grants in all subjects to young scholars based in Armenia
  • Scholarships to Armenian students facing humanitarian crises and emergencies, or other exceptional circumstances.

The specific conditions for each scholarship category along with the deadlines are available on our website.

The Armenian Language Teacher Training Scholarship will be incorporated into the broader Armenian Studies Scholarship.

A limited number of scholarships will continue to be provided to Armenian students residing in Portugal on a case-by-case basis.