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Fifty-five years after being awarded the 1st Prize in the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow at the age of 16, the musical world continues to be dazzled and amazed by Grigory Sokolov’s artistry, considered by many to be the greatest living pianist. Over the last decade, his recitals and his annual presence at Gulbenkian Music have granted us the special privilege of experiencing the superior interpretive qualities of a pianist who believes that “the stage is the focus of musical life”.


Grigory Sokolov Piano

Fryderyk Chopin
Four Polonaises:
In C-sharp minor op. 26 no. 1
In E-flat minor op. 26 no. 2
In F-sharp minor op. 44
In A-flat major op. 53

Sergei Rachmaninov
Ten Preludes, op. 23:
– Largo, in F-sharp minor
– Maestoso, in B-flat major
– Tempo di minuetto, in D minor
– Andante cantabile, in D major
– Alla marcia, in G minor
– Andante, in E-flat major
– Allegro, in C minor
– Allegro vivace, in A-flat major
– Presto, in E-flat minor
– Largo, in G-flat major

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